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 “I feel bad for people who don’t drink. When they wake up in the morning, that’s as good as they’re going to feel all day.” ~ Frank Sinatra 

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The Z Bar and Patio

                The Z Bar is a landmark in the Midtown Area. It has been a                                 continuously operating bar since 1952, and was completely updated and renamed The Z Bar in 2013, Originally The Office Bar from 1952 until 1972 when it became the home base of the Washoe Zephyrs (A local Rugby Team) and was renamed The Zephyr Bar.  At The Z Bar we offer a unique take on traditional cocktails from around the world. We are an upscale craft cocktail bar which features a relaxing atmosphere and a large patio area with 6 separate fire pits. Our skilled staff uses years of mixology experience to create cocktails for every palate. Along with our extensive cocktail menu, we offer a signature weekly cocktail.  In addition to our award winning cocktails we feature carefully selected draft and bottled beers. Visit us today to plan your next cocktail adventure. 

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Ly S.- Reno NV


KJ has some serious skills when it comes to crafting cocktails! He has an enchanting smile, quick wit, charm, and wears a vest with class and style. He trains his team well so that you consistently receive fantastic service and delicious concoctions. The atmosphere is simple, yet full of pizzazz...whether you sit at the bar, dance on the open floor, plop at the high top, or grab a couch in the lofty lounge. And when it's not cold outside, be sure to relax by the firepit on the patio. Not only are the ingredients fresh, but so are the tunes, most of the time (that's just my personal preference speaking)! For kicks, KJ will take requests. The menu changes throughout the year, so be sure to come in often to enjoy your fave drink(s) before they're gone. Prices are reasonable so you can tip generously without totally emptying your wallet or credit line. Terrific Happy Hour specials make it a great time to pop in after work, or pregame before a dinner or event. Come by any time and you won't be disappointed...unless it's when they're closed. I know I'm going back soon! See you there??

Rachel F- Sparks NV


 The Z bar is one of my favorite places to go when I want a great bartender (KJ) AND an amazing drink. I have been going here since they opened the new Z-Bar and it never fails me. They have great art of craft cocktails that are freshly made and look nothing less than amazing. When you walk in you get a great feel from the music selection to the decor on the wall and the long bar that gives you plenty of places to sit. There is a really great outdoor seating area with a fire pit, plants and a brick wall to keep it somewhat private from the street. They also have horse shoes available which is always fun in the summer. I have tired MANY drinks on the menu but my most favorite by far is the grapes of wrath. I am not exactly sure what goes into this spicy hotness of a drink but its a light colored drink with vodka, egg whites and spicyness! Of course, topped with grapes! I don't think it is always on their menu so ask for it when you get there! Other ones I like involve strawberries, cucumbers and mint! They have so many different choices its hard to go in and have just one! They don't provide any food so have a snack before or come in after you have already had a meal! They have a good happy hour ($5 cocktails until 6pm on the weekdays).They ONLY downside about this place is the cost of their cocktails (average $9-$10) a cocktail. The fact that they are so good almost makes up for the price and if you hit up the happy hour you are in a good spot! 

Michael T- Reno NV


 KJ and his team at the Z Bar have won me over with their charm, charisma, and creativity, but most of all with their sensational service. That's why I'm bumping my review up to a full 5 stars for this fantastic local cocktail lounge. It's one thing when you sit at the bar and are greeted and served, it's another when you're outside on the patio, far from the bar, and the staff makes it a point to come say hi and make sure you're well taken care of. From removing empty glasses, to offering water, and making wonderful cocktail suggestions, the Z has their service game on lockdown. 
Don't even get me started on the cocktails though. With a salad bar of fresh fruit, herbs, and house made garnishes and syrups they at their disposal, there truly isn't anything this spot can't serve up. And best of all, they're happy to tune up their recipes to suit your personal tastes. I find a lot of their drinks to be a bit sweet, so I always ask them to bring the heat, in the form of fantastic whiskey and bourbons of course, and they are more than happy to oblige. 
But as a fan of the classic cocktails, and to set expectations straight for my friends out there like me, my one criticism is that they don't seem to have the same philosophy on rocks that a lot of the other cocktail bars have. I like my old fashioned on a rock, not over chip ice, so I tend to go for drinks served up.   Z Bar is a cocktail bar for those that crave innovation and freshness. Find your new favorite on their menu, or let them create it for you! 

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